Hey guys,

Happy sunday, hope you would have a great day today😊

Friends, I’m going to ooty, the best place to visit, for a week. I am so excited to make it happen😍. Actually I am not so fond of travelling. Most of the time I myself don’t takup any of the travel Oppurtunities. Now I should do it because, next month I’m having a NATIONAL SCIENCE SEMINAR.This is a trip based on that, so I should definitely do this trip✌

We are going to visit so many places up there and I hope it would be so much fun and informative. I would surely share some pics and informations about the things I get to know from there😉 and yep! Waiting to get there soon…. Even though I am not so interested in travelling, this time it’s a bit different coz, my friend is having her b’day on the same day of the trip. So we will be celebrating her b’day from the destination…. We have arranged some surprises for her, hope that it would come good!😍

I will be back soon after the days in ooty. So guys, see you soon within a week with the “OOTY DAYS”blog -❤

Quote of the day-7

“When you focus on problems,you’ll have more problems.when you focus on possibilities,you’ll have more opportunities”

Hey ❤

Good morning and Happy saturday.

When you feel a bit down don’t think that everything is going to be like this in the whole life. But, think that the next opportunity is waiting for you. All you need to do is to wait and try hard. The things meant for you would definitely come to you.


Quote of the day-6

“Adjust yourself in every situation and in any shape. But most Importantly always find out your own way to flow”- something to learn from the water.

Hey buds❤

Hope you had a great day.

Everything in this world has it’s own importance. Even though it is a tiny little thing, it is meant to do some great things. Likeways, every little thing, every unwanted thing and every thing that we say is a useless thing, can teach us a real lesson. The only thing we need to do is to give a keen attention. YES! They convey something… Try to find out it.

Enjoy the rest of the day ❤


Yes, I’m still waiting to use these equations in my life ,atleast for once ✌

Because, those days I was really really really bad at maths…urghhh!

I still remember how my maths was…( don’t say anyone, but it was such horrible🙈). Teachers would always come to class with a stick just to beat me… I used to always think that those sticks were just made for me… Yes! We were made for each other😒

Those SIN COS TAN and INTEGRATIONS …. Uff! those were the members whome I always hated.. Still now😇

I should definitely say that I was a jocker in the class just because of “MATHEMATICS”…. And my marks… Can’t even think about that…😄( how would I pass like this…I didn’t! …you could imagine why)… I would be shivering and sweating when the class starts , until it’s over.I was even a great rebel when someone ask me to study and work hard on maths… I hated that.. I would ask them, why maths? Why can’t I study other subs which I love? I Really hated maths periods and the whole sub (not because maths is bad, but I am bad enough to acquire that 😢).

something which I learned is, we should have a love towards everything to do it well and to be a star in it…definitely! That’s why I am a big ZERO in maths..just because I don’t gave an interest to know it or love it I saw maths as my enemy… Don’t do it guys..Just try to love the things that you hate the most… I swear, that would change you and give you interesting results which you would never think. That’s the big lesson maths taught me😊

And yes,

Why did I studied those equations? Why did I “just passed” in those?

I am not even using them or remembering them now..then why?

Guys, I don’t know why but, I am too proud to say that I am an ultimate looser in maths….😂

How was your day guys, comment me about your day and about your maths ( don’t say about marks please… I know , it would be far way better than mine, always…😂). Do you have any math class experiences or any math teacher experiences??? Let me know… Answer box is free and open to you…so quick, share with me.

Love Love ❤


Hey buds❤

Hope you had a funny sunday. But I had a fever sunday…🤒 I am having a fever and it is with me since the last tuesday… I really want to recover fast coz, I am getting so annoyed with these colourful tabletes😤…..oh!it sucks😩

I’m not here to say about my fever but, I thought I should share some of my drawings with you… 😊 As I am fever, my mom is not allowing me to go outside… Yes! I am stuck by her hold🤐 when sitting alone I got to see my old drawing book…. Here are some drawings …. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think about it❤

Quote of the day-5

Eat everything that you want,

And if people makes fun of your weight, eat them too…. 😄

Today is saturday, so let’s start with a funny quote. Why do we need inspiring quotes and serious quotes all the time !!! Once in a while it’s ok to have some fun ✌



These pictures tells a lot about the harsh reality of our world.

When do we get a relief from these pinging medias ??? 🙁

Though the social medias have a lot of advantages, it have great great disadvantages that can, kill our mind and imaginations🤐

When media gets rooted all along,people gets a platform to speak up…that’s good…but, in the present scenario these platforms are the one which causes the major problems around us. People started to speak unwanted things and problems becomes severe.No one even strive to take a deep think about the things that they are going to speak about.

It’s time to take a break from these “24hrs notifying social medias” and spend sometime for ourselves and our nears❤